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Create These 4 Stickers to Stop and Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

by Ryan Sanchez

Everyone must be want to back to normal life without worrying about COVID-19. Since then “physical or social distancing” has become one of the popular campaigns to stop and prevent the spread of COVID-19. This campaign was created to remind people that keep the distance can save not only themself but also others. Moreover, there are other campaigns that also have a role in stopping the transmission of the virus.  

One of the tools that can be used to remind the public about the campaign is the sticker. You can create different types of the sticker to support the campaign. If you are interested in making it, here are a few stickers you can create! 

1. Social Distancing Floor Sticker 

There are a lot of crowded areas or places where people have no control to keep their distance from the other. For this reason, a social distancing floor sticker can be the right choice to be created. It can be affixed on a floor where people might wait, crowd, and create a queue to keep some distance between them. For instance, you can apply it in elevators, escalators, grocery stores, coffee shops, bus stops, and many other places. You can create and print it by yourself, or you can ask the professional sticker maker and printing, such as sticker in Singapore, to help you get the sticker.  

2. “Please Wear a Mask” Sticker 

Besides social distancing, wearing a mask is one of the top preventives that can be easily applied for almost everyone. Because of that, there is a lot of campaign to remind people to wear the mask. You can also remind people by making stickers. The wear a mask sticker can be affixed in a particular object or area such as in front of the door or window to remind people that they have to wear a mask to enter the place. 

3. “Please Wash Your Hands” Sticker 

Another type of sticker you can make to stop the transmission of the disease is “please wash your hands” sticker. For some of the areas, there is a portable sink to make it easier for people to wash their hands before entering a certain place. But, perhaps people won’t notice the sink if there were no signs about it. Because of that, “please wash your hand” sticker can be used as a sign to remind people if they have to wash their hands first before being allowed to enter specific places. 

4. “Please Do Not Sit Here” Sticker 

Social distancing is not only about keeping the distance when people stand waiting for something. However, people should keep their distance even when sitting. Because of that, make a “please do no sit here” sticker can help people to keep their distance while in a sitting. It will be useful to be applied, for instance, in the metro, bus, restaurant, or other places. 


There are several tips you need to be a concern in making a sticker! 

  1. So, the first one is about the size. Don’t make it to small because the sticker won’t work if people can’t be noticed it. 
  1. Make sure if you choose the right font type and size. Set the font type and size that will be easy to read by people. 

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