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Choosing The Right Stamp For Your Needs

by Eli Tho

After all the advances in technology, a lot of innovations came and made life easier for this generation. Jobs can be done quicker and easier, effectiveness is increased, and other benefits can be felt from it.

There are a lot of changes due to innovations and discoveries in this era. One of the advances that happened is in stamping technology. Stamping has discovered for hundreds of years, and during that time, there hasn’t been anything new until quite recently.

Stamping usually uses the common rubber stamp. A rubber stamp is the type of stamp that has rubber engraved with certain words or images attached to a wooden handle that must be inked before it can stamp whatever is engraved on the rubber. It is rather inconvenient because the rubber stamp requires a separate ink pad. However, now there are several other stamps that can be considered for your needs.

1. Rubber Stamp

Let’s learn a little bit more about Singapore rubber stamp, although there isn’t much to unravel left. It is pretty straightforward. This type of stamp is the most simple and most likely the cheapest option among all. It has decent durability, and it produces middle to low-quality imprint on paper. The result can get blotchy and patchy, and it won’t be nice for more formal and professional use. It is also difficult to carry around because you will have to bring the ink pad as well. Otherwise, it cannot be used.

2. Self inking stamp

A self inking stamp is one of the innovations in stamps where it solves the problem of inconvenience by having to carry the stamp and its separate ink pad everywhere. With a self inking stamp, you don’t have to worry about the ink, because it is already pre-loaded. It can stamp up to hundreds of times and it is of a higher quality than a rubbers stamp. It is very easy to carry around, so it’s especially beneficial for people who needs to always have a stamp in their pockets.

3. Pre inked stamp

It is not much different than a self inking stamp. It is also loaded with ink and does not require a separate ink pad to function. This type of stamp is most likely the most durable compared to the other two and it is better suited for a more formal and proper use because it can produce a higher quality imprint, producing crisper and sharper images. It gives a really good impression for formal occasions and is highly recommended for office use to create office stamp. Of course, as you might have already guessed, this type of stamp might cost more than the other types of stamps.

Depending on what job you intend to work on with the stamp, you have to be able to choose wisely. You must also consider the budget you have to produce the stamp so that you won’t spend too much money on something that you actually don’t really need.

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