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Consider These For Your Letterhead Design

by Prince Fishman

Despite looking simple, letterhead holds great importance in correspondence activities, especially for business purposes. Once a letter gets into the hand of its receiver, it relies on its own strength because there is no one to reinforce it or convince people to be enticed by it. That’s why, other than letterhead printing, envelope printing has also become important because it finishes the look of a letter. By sending a letter that’s personalized with your custom designed envelope and letterhead, your correspondence will look more professional and credible because the receiver will most likely be impressed by how you put thoughts even into the smallest details, wanting to appear proper toward your prospects, clients, and other business partners and affiliations. Letterhead also helps in reinforcing brand identity as well as in creating a strong first impression. If you are wondering how to make a strong and impactful letterhead, there are several things you can consider for the design of your letterhead and envelope.

1. Only put the necessary details

Make sure that you don’t clutter or overcrowd your letterhead by adding too many information that are rather unnecessary. List down what you think should be on your letterhead and choose only the most important. Apply it on your design and see if it looks good on it. Keep in mind to only put the critical information you need to convey to the receiver of your correspondence. The most common thing that must be included in a letterhead is the company logo, company name, company address, contact number, and e-mail address. If you still have more space, you can perhaps include a website address or social media handle that are important in this era of technology. However, if you don’t have one, that is fine, too.

2. Commit to a simple design

Successful letterhead design is one that is able to communicate the right information and message in a compelling matter. Avoid making a design that is distracting the readers from getting the information they need. Choose a design that is strong yet simple for effectivity in message delivery. It is recommended to print in colors, however, you shouldn’t incorporate too many colors in your design. Choose a color palette and stick to it. Limit your letterhead to only two types of fonts to avoid cluttering your design.

3. Represent your brand

Don’t forget to include your business logo and corporate colors as well as the typeface. Keep it consistent on all business stationery. If there is a chance, it must be applied to everything. Make sure that it is always the same and cohesive to show consistency.

4. Use a strong finish

Many not know this, but the right print finish and stock may help in raising credibility and support the brand image. You can choose to emboss, foil blocking, die-cutting, or spot-UV finish for an extra effect to the finished product. Your letterhead and envelope will appear more sophisticated and it has a higher chance to stand out in the crowd. Other than those special effects, you should also choose a premium quality paper stock that goes with your production budget to create a better impression and more expensive look.

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