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6 Things to Avoid in Your Greeting Card

by Ryan Sanchez

1. Theme 

These days, you can print greeting card in the most printing shop. Greeting cards are made to convey messages to the people you want. You can give it on days such as Christmas, Eid, Chinese New Year, or any other day that you want. In essence, you need to know in what order you are giving the greeting card. These simple gestures will add positive value to your relationship, and make you more memorable. 

 2. Font Type 

You need to choose a font type that matches the theme you choose. There is a wide selection of font types that may suit you. One way to know is to search it online. You can also search for your font choices in applications such as Adobe Illustrator. Make sure the type of font you choose isn’t too embellished, making it difficult to read. 

 3. Font Size 

Font size is one of the crucial things for you to consider. This is because writing is the core of the message conveyed. If the text is too small, how can your message be read? The same goes to if you use a font size that’s too large, you’ll run out of space to write your other messages. You can search online for references on the correct font size for a given reading distance. Besides, make some alternative greeting cards, and ask your close friends to give their opinion. That way, you will get an idea of how it is perceived by other people. 

 4. Card Size  

Card size tailored to your needs. If you want to include the card in a gift, then make sure your card big enough for the recipient to notice. There are various sizes that are usually used by most printing shops, namely A4, A5, and A6. You can also print your greeting card on one side or both. It gives you more space to make your greeting card stand out more. 

 5. Cluttered Design 

As you know, the existence of design is important. In this case, the design will help you to make the greeting card even more engaging. Use a design according to the theme you choose. For example, if you gave your mother and father a special gift on their wedding anniversary, then you will most likely choose a romantic design. It can be in a form of many decorations such as roses, tulips, butterflies, rings, pictures of two people holding hands, and so on. But one thing that you should definitely avoid is that using too many decorations. It can make your greeting card looked cramped. 

 6. No Colour  

The use of a good design and theme is certainly not complete without colour. Simple doesn’t always mean that only black or white with ink on it. Colour plays an important role in making your greeting card stands out. So, use colour and a combination of them and set the colour mode to CMYK. It will make sure that your result will crisp once it’s printed.   

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