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Different Types of Graphic Design

by Eli Tho

Graphic designers have been in the marketing and advertisement industry for far too long, creating astonishing designs for both digital and traditional media and working side by side with branding experts. They are ones in charge of communicating visually, sometimes even without any words at all, what the brand or the product is all about. But did you know that there are different types of graphic design?  

  1. Marketing  

Creating a logo or a social media post is one of the most popular uses a graphic designer can do. They are the ones in charge of developing a custom-made media kit for the brand’s social media or website, in order to show the clients how their social media channels will look. A marketing designer may be the one creating other digital content such as posters, flyers, billboards and banners too.  

  1. User interface (UI) 

In case you are not familiar with this term, a user interface is the one in charge of boosting the user’s interaction inside an application or a device. A graphic designer who specializes on IU may need to consider how the design should be in order to provide an outstanding experience to the user. If an app is not proper design, a user may not even know how to use it, so their job is very important! 

  1. Packaging  

Weather you sell food or clothes, you probably need a packaging for your products. You simply cannot distribute your products without the proper packaging. These graphic designers must create mockups using the brand’s logo and creating ready-to-print files. In order to do this job, it is required that they have knowledge of both the manufacturing and the industrial design. 

  1. Illustration  

Those that do not work inside the design industry may feel like this is just more of the same, but graphic artists and illustrators do not simply copy their work, they generate their artwork from scratch. Their art style varies a lot, from fine art to comic book illustrations, but all of them are entirely created in different design softwares. Graphic novels, t-shirt and motion designs and comic books are just a few of the creations you may have seen from these graphic designers. 

  1. Publications 

These designers are the ones responsible for creating those amazing books covers, newsletters or even magazine covers. They have been working for traditional media for a long time as their work may end up printed on those publications, but there has been a recent awaken on digital publications as well. Working side by side with publishers and editors until they create the perfect cover, they use many tools and resources such as pictures, graphics and illustrations (if they same designer has artful skills, he could do it on his own, but they could work with other graphic professionals too!). 

A graphic designer could specialize on any or all of them, but you should consider this if you would like a more professional approach to your needs. 

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