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How To Create An Engaging Poster

by Prince Fishman

Posters are one of the effective tools, especially in graphic design services used for creating awareness about a business, product, or services, and eventually, draw attention to what one has to offer. A great poster has a way of creating a lasting impact on your business in the minds of those who come in contact with it. It also tells the personality of your brand and influences the perception of your brand.

To make your poster look professional yet attractive, you should consider the following guides:

The goal of your poster: What do you want to achieve with the poster? Do you want to inform about upcoming sales, a new product or an event? Having a clear picture of what you aim to achieve will guide you as you design your poster.

Your target audience: Having a specific target audience in mind determines the poster presentation. The colors, layout, and design should be in line with the selected audience.

Where to share your poster: It is important to decide where you want to share your poster. Do you want to print it or share it via social media platforms? Do you want to hang it on a wall or hand it to people? Having a precise answer to these questions will give a guide on how to create your poster.

With these in mind, below are the steps on how to create an attractive poster for your business.

Determine the size of your poster: For your poster to be attractive, it must be designed in the specific size of the platform you are using for advertisement. The orientation, such as portrait or landscape that would be best for viewing the poster, should also be taken into consideration.

Choose a color scheme relevant to the message of the poster or one that reflects the brand: For example, a Christmas-centered poster should include bright colors such as red, as this reflects the season. Including your brand colors highlights the personality of your brand.

Choose your layout carefully with proper alignment of the contents of your poster: This portrays a unified look. Include relevant graphics and texts. This helps to easily communicate the message in simple terms that are easily understood. Your image resolution and fonts should also be taken into consideration.

Include a clear Call-to-action (CTA): A CTA is a final step required to ensure your clients are fully engaged in what you are offering. This makes it easier to achieve the goals of the poster. It should be clear and concise.

Other things to look out for a while creating a poster are:

  • Include a simple background texture or color.
  • Give clear details of your location, contact, and any other relevant information that would be beneficial to your audience. This could also include the date and time of an event or sales.
  • Use an interesting title that will attract your target audience.
  • Include your branding or logo and that of sponsors, if any.

With all these put in place, your poster is ready to achieve its set goals.

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