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These 3 Tips Will Help You in Making the Guest List and Invitation Card!

by Prince Fishman

A wedding invitation card is just one of those little items that you can never miss in preparing for a wedding! Despite its small size, you cannot underestimate the process of making it. Start from determining the number of guests, compiling a guest list, ordering the card, until sending it. It took quite a while to complete all of those processes. Since the guest list is a foundation in making a wedding invitation card, you should make it as well as you can. So, to help you make the guest list and invitation cards, here are some tips you can follow in making them! 

1. Set the Number to Divvy the Guest List 

In compiling the guest list, you cannot decide it alone. You have to involve your fiance, or even your parents, and your future in-laws. But before you start compiling it, you and your fiance must determine the number of guests first. Why? Because numbers are the most real indicators that can be used to divvy the guest list. For instance, if you set 100 guests, then you can divide 60 for you and your partner, 40 for your parents and future in-law. So, that means you give 10 slots on the guest list for each person. That makes everyone clear about how many people they can invite to attend your wedding.  

Note: You decide whether to involve your parents in making the guest list or not. But, if they support you in funding your wedding expenses, it is better if you ask them about the people they want to invite 

2. Avoid Last-Minute Additions 

When you suddenly think of a few people who should be invited, don’t directly add them to the list! First, if your wedding day is still 5 or 4 months prior, you probably can add them to the list. But since the guest list is one of the basic elements of wedding preparation, once it changes, you need to change lots of things. Are you ready for that? The second one, if it is like a month before the wedding, it is better for you not to add more guests to the list. As mentioned before, when the list changes, then everything follows. So, you have to re-arrange many things but at the same time, you have to race against the time. 

3. Strict to Your Budget 

Of course, people want to make everything perfect about their wedding preparation, including when it comes to creating the wedding invitation cards! When it comes to ordering, sometimes people try to find out some of the invitation references before. But the sheer number of beautiful and attractive invitation cards can make them think about following their hunger. It is okay as long as the budget matches the expenses, but when the reverse condition happens, you have to stop and think first! Are you ready to be overspend? Maybe you think it’s okay since it doesn’t cost too much money. But the problem is that once you don’t stick to the budget, you will probably do the same for the other things. As a result, you will end up spending more than the budget you have set! So, stay tight with your budget even when you are making wedding invitation cards! 

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