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Packaging Graphic Design. It is everywhere we turn

by Eli Tho

Most of the products we buy and see in shops, supermarkets, hypermarkets and malls are put in packages. Yes, it comes to mind by doing this the manufacturers are making it possible for the product to travel across the globe and sustain its original form, quality, even quantity.

Let’s not forget that packaging has a couple more superpowers and they are to inform the customer about pivotal facts, ingredients and materials and also spread brand awareness.

Packaging graphic design is one of the smartest moves to increase the impact of your brand. Companies like Coca Cola, Nike, food companies, beverages companies and more are giving millions of dollars every year for proper packaging that is not only going to sustain the product until it is delivered to the customer but will make it seem shiny, well-put, eco-friendly and informational.

All of these are marketing trick that works well with most products. Nowadays, in 2020 companies even put plastic cases on fruits. This is simply insane but it works. One badge that the product is bio and people would twist their fingers to buy it. Those are all straight facts.

So, let’s talk about packaging graphic designers and what is their work in the whole thing. Graphic designers are making sure their product is packaged well as an extremely informational and valuable marketing tool.

They also create concepts, slogans, logos, proper positioning on the above the product and more details until it is ready for shipping.

Modern packaging design speaks with visual concepts and colours, images, fictional identities, packaging and illustrations.

Packing designers must be one step ahead in the competition if they want to put out the most unique design. And let’s not forget that these designs change every year in most products. Yes, logos can still remain the same, but packing and slogans, formats and some ingredients should be different.

Packaging design is hard and specialists in the field are true with many years of experience. Do not think that these people are just combining elements when they are in the mood for this.

Big companies are spending millions on research before ever starting to create the bare concept of a packaging design. In the end, the team and board members want everything to seem like a dream come true.

As most people buy impulsively, modern packaging designs on many products are just eye-catching and people do not seem to resist. And that is the point.

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