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Name Cards: 4 Basic Rules When Making Them!

by Prince Fishman

For professionals and businesses, name cards are not something new. The card is a must-have item for them. Why? Are there any benefits by using or having the card? Yes, that is why many people and businesses keep using it until now, even though the digital era tries to change everything into a digital format. Numerous benefits are obtained by having and using the cards, one of them is to make a good first impression. Apart from the benefits, its manufacturing process is quite easy. Starting from gathering all the information and making plans, designing, to printing the card at an express name card printing service. Although the process is quite simple, there are a few rules that you must follow when making the card. Here are some of them! 

1. Use Only the Most Relevant and Up-To-Date Information 

One of the reasons people use name cards because it can help them in increasing their chances of getting new businesses or projects with the people who received the card. But what if the information on the card is no longer relevant? Rather than increasing the probability of acquiring a new business or project, irrelevant information can cause the opposite things to happen. Because of that, make sure that you include only the most relevant and up-to-date information is super crucial when making the cards. 

2. No Typos 

This is one of the top priorities when making a name card. Ensuring that there are no typos in any information on the card is absolutely important. You don’t want someone calling your name by the wrong name, do you? Or you don’t want to lose the chance because there is a typo in your contact, right? Because of that, it’s best to check for typos before the design or file is printed.  

3. Easy to Read 

Your name card will be wasted if it is not easy to read. Because of that, there are a few points you need to avoid when making name cards. Here are the points! 

  • Small font size is one of the contributors that make information hard to read. So, just choose the size that makes people comfortable to read it. But that doesn’t mean you have to set it in a large size. It’s fine to select a small font size as long as the information can be read easily by everyone. 
  • Another thing that contributes to making your card difficult to read is the font type. Intricate font type has the potential to make people confused about what they are reading. So, please ensure that your name cards are written in a font type that is easy to read. 
  • The font colour determines whether your name card will be easy to be read or not. The tip, choose a font colour that contrasts with the background. That will make the font or information easier to read. 

4. Ensuring the Design! 

Design plays an important role when you are making name cards. Since name card is a representation of yourself, then what would you represent or show through your card? If you want to create a professional impression for yourself or your business on your card, make sure that your design represents what you have desired. 

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