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How to make a wallpaper for your smartphone

by Eli Tho

There are various reasons to make a wallpaper. A wallpaper makes your computer, smart phone or your website beautiful. When you use an attractive wallpaper, you are making it more appealing for your audience. Various wallpapers come with interfaces, that have attractive features. This post tells you how to make a wallpaper.

In the early times, you can personalise your smartphone by buying faceplate or a unique case for differentiating your smartphone from another. Today you can buy such fancy cases, but making a wallpaper seems a more decent way to do this. There are 2 onscreen options you can choose from which are lock screen and home screen. You can customise both using a photo in your camera roll.

Making the wallpaper

Before diving into making the wallpaper, certain parameters are considerations: They are:

i) Using images that has artsy effects

Adding cool effects is among the fastest and efficient way to make a wallpaper. Platforms like BeFunky can be used to add filters in the ‘Effects’ tab. Note that you can switch photos to art using Artsy Effects and add Lens Flares for making an image that is sun-drenched. You can add layers or single effect on top of each of them. This is one thing to consider in making a wallpaper. Such images make your wallpaper more shiny.

ii) Patterns

You can use various patterns when making a wallpaper. Patterns differ from one another. Choose patterns that match your purpose of making that wallpaper, patterns that appeal more to your audience. BeFunky lets you select various graphic elements.

Graphic or Text Overlay

Look for an attractive and scalable picture. Note that there are pictures that come with vector graphics and those that don’t.

Steps to design your wallpaper

You can use platforms like BeFunky’s Designer (befunkydesigner.com) to make wallpapers. Open the tab ‘templates’ and choose ‘Custom Template’. Type in ‘1080 by 1920’ in your ‘Custom Templates’. This is visible in the height and width fields to size the templates according to your phone screen dimensions. Then this gives a blank template for slating the design. Go to the ‘Background’ tab and pick a new hue for a solid background colour that’s not a white colour. Tap on “Layers/Images” tab and upload a picture by choosing the ‘Computer’ button. You can search from up to a million stock photos from Unsplash and Pixabay, using this BeFunky platform. Tap the (…) button after ‘computer’ and add search terms. Click on results that show immediately and add them to the layers/images tab. Any of the image added shows like thumbnails. You can drag and click to your template. Resize and place the photos with blue circles across them. Go to ‘Design Elements’, tap and pick a graphic that is functional with your picture. You can use the ‘Graphic Properties’ menu that shows when a template selects a graphic. Note that you can change the opacity or blend the mode or change the colour. After you place graphic elements and photo, choose the ‘text’ tab, tap the ‘Add text’ button and add a phrase or quote in the displaying text box. Select a font that functions in your photo. You can do this from the ‘text properties’ menu that shows up when you select a text box. Once you are through with your design. Save your wallpaper by clicking on the Save button above the Design or Save in your Computer and transfer to your smartphone.

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