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Ask These 3 Question Before Making a Thank You Card

by Aadil Kay

Do you have no idea about how to express your gratefulness to a lot of people? Then you can try to express your feeling by using a thank you card. It is absolutely required especially for the special occasion with a lot of people that you want to say thank you. Some of these events include are wedding celebrations, birthday parties, and more. Besides, the thank you card also can help a business shows gratitude and appreciation to the consumer for choosing their product or services.

If you think to make a thank you card for the special event or business purpose, you need to prepare a few things before you make it. So, to help you make a preparation, maybe you can ask yourself about these several questions.

1. What do you want to write to your thank you card?

You can’t call it a thank you card if there is no thank you expression on it. So, you need to express it by writing some thank you words on the cards. Since a thank you card is different between the thank you note, you should write it concisely. For example, for a business thank you card you can write “Thank you for trusting our brand and product!” or for a wedding “Thank you for joining us to celebrate our wedding party”. If you think to make the design by yourself, you can directly write the message during the designing process. But, if you ask the graphic designer for designing it, then you have to tell them about the word that you want to write on your thank you card.

Note: You are allowed to add more information on the card. For business thank you card, you can add your business contacts such as phone number or social media account.

2. Who will make the design of the thank you card?

Before you make a thank you card, have you decide about who will make the design? The thank you card is not hard and complicated to make, even you can design it on your cell phone! There are several design apps for creating the design. Usually, professionals use Adobe and Corel. You can also create the design with those of the application. Also, Canva is another online platform that you can choose for designing a thank you card on the computer or the phone. But, if there is no time for you to make it by yourself, asking the graphic designer can be your best choice.

3. Where the thank you card will be printed?

It doesn’t matter whether you will print the thank you card personally or go to the card printing service. But, are you sure about the quality of printing if you do it by yourself? Since the quality of printing affects the appearance of the thank you card, you need to be concern about it. Other than that, before making and printing the thank you card, knowing the size of the card is necessary. Also, don’t forget to set the number of thank you card that you want to make before you print it.

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