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Simple Printing and Designing Tips for X Banner

by Sumayyah Azhar

X banner might be smaller than the outdoor PVC banner. However, that does not mean that it is less effective. An X banner is better for indoor promotions and events and it is easy to set up. If you are seeking for the best way to promote something in an event or occasions alike, this is the perfect tool for you. If you wish to find out more you can visit www.professorprint.com

To get an X banner, what you need to do is print it. But of course before that you have to design the banner first. 

The designing part is just as important as the printing process because these two steps complement each other. You won’t get the best quality possible if you don’t pay attention to both. Here are some tips to make your banner effective and pleasant to look at. 

1. Place Logo First 

This is one of the most important parts of your banner because the logo of your brand or company shows your identity. If you display this, your promotion can turn more successful and you also attempt on a strong brand awareness campaign which can be really important for the success and growth of your business in the long run. 

In order to make sure of that, you have to put your logo on the top part where people will notice it first when they laid eyes on the display of your banner. Try to make it aligned with the average people’s eye level so that it will be easily spotted. Although it is important, remember not to overwhelm the design of your banner with the logo. Make it visible, but not overly done. 

2. Ensure High Quality Image 

Your X banner needs to look proper and interesting. To ensure that, the appearance must be crisp and pleasing to the eyes. That makes all element included in the X banner important, especially any images and graphics inserted into the design. Usually, people forget to check the resolution of the image before printing. Once they print, they end up with low quality image that gets pixelated or stretched. This won’t look nice, so to avoid this, you have to check the image quality and resolution prior printing. See if the images and graphics you use has a resolution of 300 dpi. This is the best resolution for high quality printing. With a resolution of 300 dpi, you won’t have to worry about getting your image quality ruined. 

3. Full Color Printing 

What attracts more than colors? They instantly catch the eyes of people and attract them into reading your banner. That’s why you should always print your X banner in full color. Try to choose colors that are bright and vibrant so that you can really stand out among the crowd. If you have to pick a dark color as the background of your X banner, then try to at least make the text in colors. Light colored text stand out really well against dark colored background, and this is really great too because it will make people read the content of your banner easier.

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