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Best Triceps Workout and Exercise for Muscle Building

by Eli Tho

Staying fit and strong does not only involve eating healthy, it also involves putting your body through exercise on daily basis. Before setting out for a workout, it is vital to have a goal which could be to build your triceps. Building stronger triceps also builds other parts of your body; this is because only a strong arm can lift the weights.

5 best triceps for muscles building

Here are the five best triceps workouts perfect for everyone.  

  1. Overhead Triceps Extension: To achieve this, you can sit (on a chair, bench, or ball) or stand. Extend your hand over your head, holding the desired weight. Lower your lower arm behind your head, causing your elbow to point forward. Then straighten it. Also, ensure that your triceps are kept close to your ears during this workout. Engage your abdominal and do not arch your back. This workout has proven to be very good at engaging the triceps and building bigger muscles. 
  2. Dips: Another effective triceps exercise to build strong and large muscle dips. You can perform dips in several places; the trick is to learn its simple technique. Using a bench, you sit at its edge; then, place your hand on the bench at either side of hips. You can bend your knees or extent your feet. Lift your body with your arms. Lower your arms until your elbow is pointing backward. Dips require you to have healthy joints in order to lift lower your upper body. Therefore, it is recommended that you take supplements that could make your joints stronger. Femito (フェミート) has been tested and is trusted to do this. 
  3. Push-Ups: In push-ups, you place your hand on the mat, under your chest, you can make a fist or spread your fingers. Your hands elevate your upper body. As for your lower body, you can place your knees on the mat or your feet. Lower and raise your body by lowering your elbows and lifting them. 
  4. Kickbacks: Kickbacks, as the name implies, entails the movement of the arm backward. Place your right knee on a bench. Bend forward, resting your left hand on the bench. Lift your left elbow to your torso level. Do this while holding the weight. Push the weight backward by straightening your elbow backward. Switch to your left knee and right elbow and repeat. 
  5. Bench Press: For bench press workout, lie on a bench. To start, stretch your arms directly above your chest, holding weights. Your arms should be stretched slightly wider than your shoulder width. To finish, lower the weight until it touches your chest. Each of these workouts should be repeated for 2-4 sets of 10-15 reps.

Finally, as mentioned earlier, these workouts are very effective in muscle building. However, if you encounter pain or injury at your joint while exercising, you could take some time off to recover or opt for the www.Femito.com (フェミート). 

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