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5 Different Sizes of Marketing Postcard That You Can Print

by Prince Fishman

Did you know that postcards are efficient for marketing? Mail marketing is something that is still done until this day and it can still prove its worth amidst the digitization of things and the rise in digital marketing. 

If you are a small business that seeks a cost effective marketing tool, then why not try out postcards?  

Before you start designing and printing your postcards, know that there are different types of postcard for marketing that you can make aside from the regular-sized postcard printing in Singapore.  

Learn more about them here. 

1. Standard Postcard 

Nothing special about this one, you already know what it is. This type of postcard has a size of 4.25 x 5.6 inches and can be mailed with ease. Of course, with this size, it is difficult to convey a lot of things and you will have to be very concise with the content of your postcard. 

2. Extra Large Postcard 

This postcard is slightly bigger than the regular postcard with a size of 5.5 x 8.5 inches. With this postcard, you can say a little more regarding your business on your postcard. It alleviates a little bit of the restraint that you feel when working on a regular postcard.  

3. Block Postcard 

The block postcard takes your size of the postcard to the next level. It comes in the size of 6.125 inches x 8.25 inches which can include multiple large photos, company logo, and other design elements on one side. You can also utilize the backside of a block postcard for a call to action sentence as well as contact information that doesn’t hinder the front side of it.  

4. Panoramic Postcard 

The panoramic postcard is even bigger. It comes in a size of 5.275 x 11.25 inches. With this type of postcard, you can include high quality images, bold and powerful headlines, more information, and many more. Surely, you can stand out with this type of postcard. 

5. Giant Postcard 

If you’re not satisfied with the size of the panoramic postcard, don’t worry. You can still go bigger. Print giant postcard if you want to have a postcard that is really big and appear outstanding. This postcard’s size is 8.5 x 11 inches which are almost the same size as a letter flyer. Of course, it can include more photos, texts, contact information, and call to action sentence that is printed in bold. You can even convey information in detailed paragraphs regarding what you have to offer to your clients or potential customers. 

When working on a postcard, there are several things that you have to remember, which are to use high resolution pictures, choose complementary bright colors, use bold typeface, and print in a printing shop on high quality card stock. Keeping these tips in mind can really help you get an impeccable postcard that works on your target audience. You can also consider coating your postcard so that it can preserve its quality better. This also serves as protection as it gets delivered through the mail. 

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