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How to Design an Attractive Name Card

by Aadil Kay

How to Design an Attractive Name Card

In doing business, correspondence is often cannot be avoided. It is extremely important to keep on being professional and make it show even in the name cards that the company sends toward business partners, clients, or prospects.

Commonly, companies try to appear proper by making custom name cards. Thus, Kiasu name card printing is very important to do.

A name card is the topmost part of the name card you send a name card. Thus, it is the part of the name card that is first seen as soon as the delivery is been sent. The name card needs to give off the right impression toward the recipient to leave a positive image for them.

The necessity of a proper name card has become very important. Thus, it is critical to come up with a good name card design to support the image that you want to convey in your name card.

In order to know more about how you can make a better name card, here are several things that you must understand and do.

First, you need to know the essentials of a name card. There are several elements that need to be present in a name card, including:

1. Company name – Your company name or organization must be displayed clearly, especially if it is not stated clearly in the logo. Thus, using abbreviation is not recommended. The recipient of your letter must be able to clearly identify who the name card is from and how to address the sender company.

2. Contact details – The availability of your company to be contacted is very important. Thus, you must provide all the ways someone can contact your company, such as number, e-mail, fax, office address, and website. However, pay attention not to make your name card too cluttered by the many information included in it.

3. Company logo and color – It is important for people to know and be able to associate your company with your colors and logo so that they can be more familiar with your company and brand to raise brand awareness.

Other than the mentioned essentials, you also must know what things to avoid in designing a name card, such as:

1. Using more than two fonts – Keep it simple. Don’t use too many fonts in your design as it will only confuse the readers and ruin the whole aesthetic of the design. The fonts used must represent your company and convey the image that you wish to show and build.

2. Taking up too much space – You name card should not take too much space in the name card. Consider its size and be generous with it. Don’t let people be hindered with your overwhelming name card design.

As said before, the name card is also an important part of the correspondence. Thus, you can’t forget the importance of making a well-designed and uniform envelope to come with the name card in the mail. To make a name card look interesting, you can choose to use your company color and custom print your name card.

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