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3 Types of Easel Stand for Watercolorists

by Eli Tho

Are you a watercolorist needing an easel stand? Then you are not looking for easel stands like A-frame easel or H frame easel since you can’t work in an upright position for the easel stand. Working with upright easel will only make the water and paint run down, and there will be a huge mess on your canvas. At the very least, you need an easel stand that can be tilted to a certain angle to make sure that the quality of your work is preserved. 

Let’s take a look at the alternatives that you can go for: 

1. DIY Easel Stand 

At the very least, you need an easel that can support a 30 degrees angle for your work to prevent water from flowing down your canvas. If you are on a  low budget, then you can definitely try to make one your own. You can achieve the 30-degree angle required for comfortable working with placing an item under your mounting support, such as a paper towel roll or box. Just make sure that it is stable enough and won’t slide off while you are working on it. This alternative is cheap, but of course, it is not very sturdy and it might not last very long either. 

2. Tabletop Watercolor Easel 

This is the most common type of easel that is bought by a lot of people who work with watercolor. It can be tilted from upright to flat to your liking. A lot of this type of easel stand comes with drawers attached to the storage so that you can easily store your painting supplies. Tabletop watercolor easels are not expensive and can be used by both beginners and professionals. 

3. Portable Standalone Easels 

If you are the type of painter who likes to move from places to places and bring your work here and there, then you surely need an easel stand that is portable. A portable easel stand means an easel that is lightweight, foldable,  and easy to carry but still needs to be sturdy. 

Well, there is a portable standalone easel for those who are mobile. This easel is attached to a tripod along with a tray that can hold the painting supplies. It is small, compact, can be put into a bag, and surely not heavy. Also, it can be converted to a tabletop easel, so it’s pretty much a two in one easel stand. 

So, what do you think? Have you made your decision? Or are you still unsure? Actually, before you buy an easel stand for your painting purposes, you have to also consider your budgets. And sometimes, you may not need one immediately and it is okay to wait out or save up for better quality easel instead of hurrying and getting cheap quality easel stand. An easel stand is not mandatory, yes. But it is really helpful and it supports your comfort and eventually the productivity of your working process. So, even though it costs quite a lot, it is worth it as it is a long term investment for your hobby or even career.

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