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Frequently Asked Questions About PVC Banner in Singapore

by Eli Tho

Have you ever heard about PVC banner printing in Singapore? PVC is one of the best materials that can be chosen for the printing of banners. It is a multipurpose material that can suit any occasion.

Advertising with a banner is one of the best low cost alternatives that you can choose because not only it allows you to advertise in a cheap way, it can also help you if you don’t really have enough time to work on operating the core activities of your business and going out on an advertising and marketing campaign due to limitations in resources.

Sounds pretty interesting? Let’s learn more about PVC banners.

What is a PVC banner exactly?

A PVC banner is a banner made from the polyvinyl material. It is a large format banner that is usually printed on 450 gsm RipStop vinyl. Polyvinyl chloride is a strong and durable material that is best known for its waterproof and tear resistant quality. With this material, you won’t have to worry about it being easily damaged as it is put to work outside.

What sizes can you print using PVC material?

It has quite a large size options, ranging from A2 to even 3 x 1 m size. Large size PVC banner is more popular because it makes it easier for a banner to attract people and stand out in high traffic or crowded places.

How to install a PVC banner?

It’s pretty simple. All you need is a rope to attach it to poles. These ropes will go through the eyelets that usually have already attached or installed by the manufacturer. However, you have to personally make sure that the banner printing service of your choice does this as they produce their banners.

How to make an attractive PVC banner?

Well, most of the factors lie in the design factors. After you’ve decided on the best material for outdoor banner, which is the PVC material, you have to make sure that you design it the best way you can.

Ideally, a banner should come in colors. Don’t be shy with it and choose vibrant colors to help you stand out in the crowd. Then, you can enhance the look of your banner with relevant images that of high quality and high resolution. You have to make sure that they are of at least 300 dpi. Insert the content of the banner in simple yet interesting sentences that can leave a strong impression upon getting read, and try to make it catchy so that it lingers in people’s minds. Last but not least, before you hand it to the printing service, you have to proofread everything to make sure that the design of your banner has no mistake, especially when it comes to the information provided including contact information if present.

Remember that the choice of printing service is also important in determining the final quality of the banner as well, because only with a printing service that has the right types of equipment, materials, and experience, you can get the best banner possible.

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