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The Benefits of Common Seal

by Prince Fishman

A common seal is a great necessity for companies. Although the law has no longer requires a common seal’s mark to be present in documents that are to be authorized and issued by a company, it is still often requested for manufacture for its many benefits and advantages.

1. International business purposes

There are still a number of countries in the world that regards a common seal to be important and mandatory in order to authorize documents. Your company will continue to grow and expand, and there will be a chance that you might be working with a foreign company that requires a common seal for legal documents authorization that is approved by the laws and courts of that country. Always being prepared is a must as you can’t let a good chance to slip off your fingers.

2. Appear more professional

To authorize documents, you only need the signature of the director of the company without the mark of the company by the common seal anymore now due to the new law and regulations. However, many companies still have their own common seal for this purpose even if it is not an obligation. Why? Because it makes the job done more properly. It gives off a professional image and this small gesture is much appreciated by the receiving end of the document.

3. Substitution in case of emergency

Under certain circumstances, a common seal can be used for the substitution of the company’s director. For example, if none of the directors are present in the office but a document needs to be authorized and issued as soon as possible. Then, with their approval, the common seal can be used to substitute their signature and make the document properly authorized even in their absence. This process is usually done or handled by the company secretary.

4. Confirms authenticity

As a signature can be easily forged, people may be quite skeptical about the authenticity of a document. However, with the mark of the company imprinted by the common seal that is quite difficult to forge, people can be more convinced of a document’s authenticity. They will feel more reassured and be certain that the document in their hands is not fake. Adding the logo of a company with a common seal also emphasizes more on the impression that the company takes full responsibility upon all that is stated on the document.

If you are a company owner that still hasn’t owned a common seal, then you should really consider getting one.

To get a common seal, you can simply go to a common seal manufacturer whether it is online or offline. But before that, you have to make sure that your company is already registered and has acquired its registration number and date. This information is to be put on the design of the common seal since it is a requirement for a valid common seal. Then, you only have to wait for the seal manufacturer to complete your order within several working days.

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